ATS – Advanced Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd

UV-Measurement-DevicesModern business is moving at such a frenetic pace that the small niceties which make dealing with a company pleasurable are often overlooked.

Demonstrating to customers that you are willing to go the extra mile, or simply taking time to ensure customer satisfaction at its highest possible level, these can be time-consuming gestures, but they are often the thing that customers will remember long after the invoice has been received and paid.

ATS is a fairly new supplier to the printing & packaging industry, established in 2013 to not only offer state-of-the art equipment, technical service and consumables, but also to re-install some of the old and long-established practices which seem to have been forgotten in recent years.

The core values at ATS combined with its dedicated team form the DNA of our business. Client value creation, respect for the individual, integrity and striving for customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

We aim to ensure that our customers know they are the reason for our efforts. We demonstrate this by doing what needs to be done and offering products and services of the highest quality.

We may be a new company but our values are timeless and we have a combined pool of decades worth of knowledge within the industry, both local and abroad!


We supply a numerous amount of equipment which includes IR & UV, Labeling Solutions, Filling & Capping Machinery and many more.

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We have a wide range of equipment which includes TRESU Ancillary, DigiNip Roller Alignment, Metal Decorating and many more.

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Our consumables range include numerous products from our Web Shop and many more.

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