UV Measuring Devices

www.ats-sa.co.za - MachineryEquipment - IR&UV - UV Measuring DevicesWe offer either stationary or mobile UV measurement devices. Stationary units are integrated into the UV system and the production process is therefore in a closed-cycle and consequently runs under constant conditions. Mobile measurement units are available as inspection units and units for measuring specific UV radiation intensity.

With the mobile UV measurement system UV radiation intensity is not continuously measured but only when required during the production process.

Thanks to the high precision of measurement a control of the production parameters and of the UV output is possible in good time. Thus downtime is avoided and production costs are reduced. The mobile measurement can also be used to compare diverse UV units with regard to efficiency.

There are two measuring devices available. The UMS-2 which is composed of a display and of a sensor head which is available in two versions. The UMF sensor head is universally adaptable, whereas the UMI sensor head requires a preparation of the unit.

Where there is a conveyor, the UMD-2 dosimeter can be used. It is equipped with a measuring probe situated on the back side of the device.

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