Laser engraved printing plates. Precision in 3D - Consumables - Blankets & Plates - Flexo PlatesLaser engraved printing plates ensure a maximum of printing quality and reliable reproducibility.

Due to the specially adapted elastomer material, the print image remains unchanged throughout its entire life. The frequency of washing intervals has no effect on the image.

When a plate is engraved directly, all non-printing elements or areas are laserd out. Water is then all that is needed to wash away the ash residue; no ecologically harmful solvents are involved.

The production process for Laserline plates is digital from start to finish – the original data is converted in the plate 1:1.

BIRKAN engraves your printing plates in a fibre laser, a piece of cutting-edge technology and the first of its kind in southern Germany.

This high-resolution fibre laser has a spot diameter of just 10 μm and an unusually high depth of focus. It works with a resolution of 5.080 dpi, engraves infinitely adjustable screen rulings of up to 250 lpi (100 lpcm) and can laser a maximum stencil depth of 800 μm.

Our trained team is taking care of your printing form from the reception of the digital data to the conversion into a three-dimensional screen dot shape to the delivery of the finalised, laser engraved cliché.

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