IR & UV Lamps

The reliability of a UV unit depends considerably on the quality of the installed UV lamps. To guarantee a high quality standard, IST METZ founded eta plus in 1988 which is responsible for the in-house manufacturing of all IST UV lamps.

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Reflectors for UV drying systems

UV systems are fitted with standard aluminium reflectors or CMK (cold mirror) reflectors depending on the characteristics of the substrate used.

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Electronic power supply units for UV lamps (ELC)

The ELC® range of electronic power supply units have been developed specifically to operate UV lamps. They optimise production safety in the print room and also reduce operating costs.

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UV Test Strips

UV Test Strips are simple, reliable, and easy to use indicators of accumulated UV light dosage. They are the first product that can be used to determine levels of UV dose with a simple, visual inspection due to the 5 separate colour changing zones.

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