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www.ats-sa.co.za - MachineryEquipment - IR&UV - UV SystemsWe offer a wide range of different systems for various areas of the graphic arts industry and industrial applications.

BLK® System

The BLK-system offers both water and air-cooled units and lamps in lengths up to 2200 mm. The energy output of the lamps depends on the length and can be up to 200 W/cm. BLK-systems are fitted with CMK reflectors (cold mirror) which reflect the UV energy and allow the heat from the IR energy to pass through into the water-cooled absorber profile.

MBS® System

The MBS-system is a compact air-cooled unit which uses lamps up to 550 mm in length. New developments in reflector geometry and integrated URS technology mean that the MBS5 can produce curing results using 140 W/cm lamps, which could previously only be achieved using 160 W/cm resp. 200 W/cm lamps.


BLK®inerted System: Oxygen-reduced System


The oxygen in the UV-curing unit is replaced by an inert gas (nitrogen). The result of this is faster curing of the UV ink. Oxygen-reduced systems are offered as open and sealed units.


Hot air infrared drying system HID


In the label printing sector water-based inks are often used in addition to UV curable inks and varnishes, especially for printing on paper and cardboard. These inks dry when the water they contain evaporates The new HID unit (hot air infrared dryer) combines hot air with infrared drying to achieve maximum drying speeds of these inks.

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