Electronic power supply units for UV lamps (ELC)

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The ELC® range of electronic power supply units have been developed specifically to operate UV lamps. They optimise production safety in the print room and also reduce operating costs. They contain all the components for lamp ignition and process control.

The powerful electronic system offers several benefits:

— Low operating costs
The highly efficient ELC® operates with low energy consumption. The UV unit can be operated in stand-by mode with lamp output of 20 – 30%. Further savings can also be made depending on the local energy supply (eg, compensation plant, energy distribution and tariff classification).

– Increased production safety
Highly consistent lamp output and accurate temperature control are ensured through the integrated output control of the ELC®. Network voltage variations of ±10% do not affect the lamp output due to the integrated control and monitoring system. Printing on sensitive materials can begin at a low output and accurate temperature control guarantees no distortion of heat-sensitive substrates even at reduced print speeds.

– Lamp output control
Total control of the lamp output has two advantages. Firstly, the lamp can be switched to energy-saving stand-by mode (minimal setting) during long pauses. Secondly the lamp output can be steplessly adjusted between 25 and 100% depending on the print speed.

– Compact and light construction
The compact design of the ELC® means that the unit requires 50% less space in the switch cabinet and is 50% lighter than standard power supply units. The unit has plug in connections and pre-adjusted settings for easy installation.

– Available for lamp outputs up to 32kW
The ELC® range includes power supply units suitable for almost all applications within the graphic arts industry. ELC® units are available for lamp outputs from 4kW to 32kW.

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