CP Applicator

Produce Closely Spaced Crease and Perfs on Your Folding Machine with the CP Applicator!

Now it is possible to produce two fine and almost invisible micro-perforations as close as 5mm apart…

The ultimate close proximity creasing and micro-perforating device!

The perfect solution for producing signatures, coupons, tickets or order forms that require tear-off perfs close to the fold. Uses EZ-Fit creasing ribs to guarantee accurate folding. Use in 1 Crease + 2 Perf set-up or any combination, including single line crease and perfs

The CP Applicator in action…

What benefits do you get with the CP Applicator?

Our unique CP Applicator:

  • Micro-perforates as close as 5mm and up to 50mm apart
  • Crease quality guarantees accurate folding
  • Incredibly EASY to assemble
  • Helps you get your job delivered on time
  • Not limited by speed and works as fast as your machine can run
  • Works perfectly on cross grain materials regardless of solid ink coverage
  • Excellent on UV coated, laminated or digital stocks
  • Color-coded creasing ribs available for different grades of stock

Versatile features for the CP Applicator …

The CP Applicator Features Include:

  • Precision cut 17, 25 & 52 teeth per inch micro-perf blades
  • Special cassette that houses split creasing ribs
  • Built-in color coding system that simplifies setup
  • Versatile male blade holder that accommodates any perf/crease/perf applications in close proximity
  • Adaptable set of spacer rings that dictate distances from blade to blade/crease
  • Specially designed nylon perfing sleeve that aids precision kiss-cutting

Have questions about our CP Applicator™ Machine Compatibility?

CP Applicator
Tech-ni-Fold™ CP Applicator

The CP Applicator™ fits the following types of folding and scoring machines:

  • Agor
  • Baum
  • GUK
  • Heidelberg
  • Herzog & Heymann
  • Horizon
  • MB
  • MBO
  • Multigraf
  • Shoei
  • Stahl

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