Spine & Hinge Creaser

Produce deeper, more flexible creases on your perfect bound book covers with our Spine & Hinge Creaser

Are you frustrated with having to fork out for expensive binding machinery, only for the scoring unit to crack or damage your covers?

Our Spine & Hinge Creaser replaces the metallic scoring mechanism in your perfect binding machines, enabling you to produce deeper and more flexible creases that define and form your book covers.

To use it simply secure the split creasing rib firmly into position so a seamless join is achieved – you don’t have to remove the shafts from your machine.

Watch the videos below to find out how to achieve perfectly creased book covers every time with our Spine & Hinge Creaser!

… fitted to a Muller Acoro
… fitted to a Muller Pantera

Want to achieve crease widths and depths for wider stock ranges?

The fully adjustable version of our Spine & Hinge Creaser means you can easily change the distance from spine to hinge according to the different grades of stock you’re working with.

  • Deliver jobs faster: crease from 1 to 4 lines simultaneously and on the same side or opposite sides of the sheet
  • Eliminate fibre cracking and outsourcing of scored covers
  • Pays for itself within the first 5 job runs
  • No more ripped sheets or split covers
  • Not limited by speed: works as quickly as your machine can run
  • Works perfectly on cross grain materials regardless of solid ink coverage
  • Performs excellently on UV coated, laminated or digital stocks
  • Easy to set and operate

Have questions about our Spine & Hinge Creaser™ Machine Compatibility?

Compatible with the Following Types of Perfect Binding Machine

Tech-ni-Fold™ Spine-Creasing
  • Muller Martini
  • Wohlenberg
  • Goss
  • Horizon
  • Kolbus
  • Harris US Binder

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Need to check the compatibility of our tools with your current machinery?

Choose from the Tool Selection Guide or just contact us directly. We will gladly assist you.

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