Metal Decorating

Metal Decorating EquipmentComplete, individually designed systems for printing, coating and drying of metal sheets made of tin, aluminium or steel. High performance printing and coating machines, energy efficient drying systems including all technical and control equipment necessary for quality metal decorating.

Our new generation of two-piece drying ovens redefines the standard in terms of drying quality and energy efficiency. Innovative exhaust air management and an optimised combustion chamber concept deliver savings in gas consumption of up to 30%.MetalDec2

KBA-CleanAir energy saving concepts for cleaning organic pollutants such as solvents, hydrocarbons or odours. RTO regenerative thermal systems with numerous patents and innovative features plus TNV thermal oxidisers, KNV catalytic systems and ZEROclean concentration systems. Our complete service includes on-site analyses, individual design and turnkey delivery.

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