Eliminate fibre cracking and produce perfect creases within minutes of installing our Spine-Creaser

The results you can achieve are so impressive you’ll feel as though you’ve substituted your cover feeder for a Heidelberg Creasing Cylinder.

Simply remove the existing score wheel from your cover feeder, apply the creasing matrix to the drum and attach the new double-wheel Spine-Creaser with a single bolt. You’re ready to start producing perfect creases on your saddle stitcher within 30 minutes of installation.

See how to eliminate fibre cracking and produce perfect creases…

Here are some benefits of the Spine-Creaser

  • Eliminates fibre cracking on cover stocks
  • Eradicates all offline scoring operations for saddle-stitched books
  • Save your die cutters or printing presses for more complex, profitable work
  • Reduce your dependence on outsourcing by being able to complete more jobs in-house

Have questions about our Spine-Creaser™ machine compatibiliy?

The Spine-Creaser™ is compatible with the following machines:

Tech-ni-Fold™ Spine-Creaser
  • Muller 1528, 1529, 1553 and 1554 cover feeders
  • Older style Muller saddle stitchers
  • Heidelberg ST90, ST100, ST270, ST300, ST350, ST400 and ST450
  • Heidelberg Prosetter
  • Harris (Macey or Sheridan)
  • Osaka
  • Hohner
  • Horizon
  • McCain

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