Blanket Thickness gauge – Handy, useful tool for the press room

Measurement Instruments

A quick thickness control of blankets, plates or underlay foils outside the printing press. This is the main function of the transportable thickness gauge. It allows you to check in no time the thickness of your cylinder packing and prevent printing problems.

The thickness gauge is equipped with a special feeler for soft materials such as rubber printing blankets. However, other materials not thicker than 5 millimetres can be equally measured.

The material is perfectly protected during measurement. Plane, round feelers with a contact area of 1 cm² allow a traceless thickness control. The analog dial is easy to read, with a graduation of 0.01 mm. A special spring provides constant contact pressure, independently from any user.

The robust construction with the sturdy, ergonomic handle guarantees a high durability. On demand, a calibration service is available.

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