IRT Testing Device - MachineryEquipment - IR&UV - Ink Rub Tester IRTThe IRT (Ink Rub Tester) from IST METZ facilitates the simple and repeated testing of the polymerisation in UV inks and varnishes. Here, a solvent is applied (e.g. acetone, MEK or IPA) and the number of double strokes required for penetration of the layer is set. Measured is the resistance of the ink or varnish film to the solvent. This resistance serves as a measurement for the degree of cure.

The degree of cure indicates how far advanced the UV curing is. It depends on the production process used.

The following factors are crucial for the curing process:

1. Output of the UV unit
2. Drying speed = Radiation time
3. Varnish/Ink quantity or coating weight
4. Formulation
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