Ultraviolet (UV) & Infrared (IR) Lamps

www.ats-sa.co.za - Consumables - IR&UV - Ultraviolet (UV) & Infrared (IR) LampsThe reliability of a UV unit depends considerably on the quality of the installed UV lamps. To guarantee a high quality standard, IST METZ founded eta plus in 1988 which is responsible for the in-house manufacturing of all IST UV lamps.

Developed for diverse applications with adapted emission spectra, the UV lamps are manufactured for the industrial application of UV units for the efficient curing of UV inks, varnishes and adhesives on substrates including wood, paper, plastic, metal and glass.

ATS can supply IR & UV lamps for UV Curing, UV Sterilization, UV Disinfection and Infrared drying for ALL types of equipment.

Quality control

After the manufacturing process is complete, the lamps are subject to a strict quality test. Electrical parameters including operating voltage and current, specific energy output and UV-C radiation (if applicable) intensity are determined, evaluated and compared with nominal values.

Each individual lamp is rigorously tested and certified.

FLC® Fast Lamp Change

Changing lamps is now easier and quicker with the new cable-free FLC® (Fast Lamp Change) lamp system. The new lamps reduce downtime for lamp changes to a minimum.

It is now possible to change UV lamps in a matter of seconds as they can be removed from the housing in a few simple steps. It is also a lot quicker to clean the lamps and reflectors to ensure that they always operate at their optimum performance. The additional benefits of regular cleaning include more efficient and environmentally friendly operation and a longer life for your UV system.

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