Micro-Perf, Cut & Crease Combo

The ultimate time and money saving folding machine accessory that has everything built in so you avoid outsourcing forever

Take care of all of your common print finishing hassles by transforming your folding machine into a multi-functional piece of equipment.

The Micro-Perf, Cut & Crease Combo enables you to crease, micro-perforate and cut, using a single tool.

The creasing ribs, cutting knives and micro-perforating blades can be fitted on to the male blade holder and work in partnership with the creasing female, cutting anvil or perf sleeve.

Transform your folding machine into a multi-functional piece of equipment…

Here are a few of the benefits…

  • produces perfect letterpress style creasing with 8 settings to stop cracking on all stock ranges from 85-350gsm
  • produces flat and almost invisible micro-perforations to cater for a full range of material, so good that the perfed sheets can easily run through laser printers
  • produces razor sharp slitting, double cutting and edge-trimming that out performs other rotary methods many times over
  • combines close proximity creasing/micro-perforating and cutting
  • eliminates out-sourcing of creasing and micro-perforating
  • allows you to handle jobs you used to turn away
  • saves thousands in smashed up blankets
  • puts an end to broken perf blades
  • simple installation
  • requires no special operator skills

Features include…

  • precision cut 17, 25 & 52 teeth per inch micro-perf blades
  • bevelled and hardened cutting knives that outlast standard types at least 5 times over
  • special cassette that houses split creasing ribs
  • versatile male blade holder that accommodates any perf/cut/crease applications as little as 5mm apart
  • adaptable set of spacer rings that dictate distances from blade to blade / blade to crease
  • specially designed nylon perfing sleeve that aids precision kiss-cutting tolerances
  • uniquely designed and durable cutting anvils that combat excessive wear
  • clever and unique anti-clogging waste stripper

Which machines are our Micro-Perf, Cut & Crease Combo™ compatible with?

The Micro-Perf, Cut & Crease Combo™ is compatible with the following machines:

Tech-ni-Fold™ Multi-Tool-Combo
Tech-ni-Fold™ Multi-Tool-Combo
  • Heidelberg
  • Stahl
  • MBO
  • Baum Horizon
  • GUK
  • Shoei

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Need to check the compatibility of our tools with your current machinery?

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