UV drying systems

Reflectors for UV drying systems

UV systems are fitted with standard aluminium reflectors or CMK (cold mirror) reflectors depending on the characteristics of the substrate used. CMK-reflectors are used for heat-sensitive materials as they absorb heat-production infra-red energy and reflect only the UV energy.

ATS can supply reflectors for ALL types of equipment!

URS Cold mirror reflector technology

The new generation of cold mirror reflectors, URS® reflectors, provides considerable benefits in terms of increased efficiency as well as increased UV energy reaching the substrate.

Higher output, lower energy consumption! Trials have been carried out with the new reflectors both in the laboratory and in practical field tests in the offset, flexo, screen printing and letterpress sectors. The UV measurements taken during these show that comparable UV curing results are possible with reduced energy consumption.

The new URS® cold mirror reflector technology combines the advantages of the well-established aluminium and CMK (cold mirror) reflectors: only the UV light is reflected whilst the IR energy (heat) passes through the dichroic coatings and the cold mirror glass into a water-cooled absorber profile where the heat is efficiently removed. In addition, additional reflector profiles increase the UV energy reaching the substrate.

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